The Hug

I felt warmth throughout my soul
A completeness that only comes from an epiphany
A fire that engulfs me through and through
And all I have is your arms around me

Memories flooding in from how things used to be
The shivers caused by your skin touching mine
How I would smell after a night with you
The way your kiss made everything simple and fine

Your peaceful expression as you sleep
Feeling a lump in my throat when you cry
The excitement I feel before I go out
The way you smile as the city lights pass us by

It amazes me to no end
Having this realization so suddenly
No suspenseful moment thus far has been this intense
And it was all caused by your arms being around me

To think that we are inseparable
First, caused a reaction of doubt and fear
But now, things are easier to see, and accept
I need you to stand, beside me here

I hope you understand how much I want you
To be with me from this day forth
I also hope that you understand
That to me nothing can match your worth

You have once again, opened me up
Thrown away all of my pessimism and doubt
Through all of this I know we will endure the most violent of storms
Because you and I will always be going out

I feel as though I have expended
Some large amount of energy
I thank you for this time you have spent standing
Because the whole time your arms have been around me.