Whats the worst that could happen?

I could die burning in a pit
My skin scalded, scarring, blackened
The char is my exoskeleton
Protecting me from the torment that is reality
Carbonized and bubbly
My skin is no longer mine
We are no longer connected
It has its own mind, body… spirit
My separation, to a butterfly
Inch worm no longer
Caterpillar once
Monarch from now on
Until the dust from my wings
Departs the heavenly artwork on my wings
Soaring is all I will do
The pain is worth it
Claustrophobia aside
Being hung by my burns is all I have
I can smell myself
My hair is melting to my face
The pain is worth it
Again with the tormenting
Again with my life
My arm is torched
I cant believe the pain
My back is separating
I can feel the wings
The flames are my way out
My charred skin is peeling off
The cool puss oozing from my boils