White Commencement Story – Take 1

All of our days were numbered, we all knew this…
…it was just a matter of time until they wore us down.

There has been a lot of speculation about the events leading up to today. Some have grown to believe that we struck first, maybe even that we provoked them. All bullshit, I was there on the first day, there was nothing we could do to fend them off. It was a massacre; all I could do was save a couple of the guys I knew… I barely got my own ass out of harms way. Fuck that shit…

and fuck them.

I was destined for the frontlines without even knowing that I had signed up. I went from being a technician in a school off of the main street in Colus RL, to leading an entire regiment of troops; I had very little down time. I joined up right after the initial attacks, and took back a few minor townships with little trouble. These guys I lead clearly knew what they were doing, often better than I did.

When we collided with them in Develin it was I had to break out of the norm and sleep. They had us pinned down behind an apartment building, leaving us with nothing to do but arguing with death, knowing we were completely wrong. All of our days were numbered, we all knew this. It wouldn’t have hurt us much to have just relaxed a bit, we would have at least eaten a hot meal during that month and a half. Instead it was mainly garbled backwards antics, explosions and, for the occasional raiding party, a means to an end. The scary part had nothing to do with any of that shit. Any soldier will piss himself if a mortar lands at his feet, whether it explodes or not. The scary part was in those 3 days of nothing.

They would have had a hell of a time if they had just chosen to assault us, that’s for damned sure. We dropped in 2 of those big fucking EMG nests on the north side of the point, and we dropped a ShIT on the east side, which sat there, waiting for any of those fuckers to come up the back way. Good thing the fucking turret comes in black. It makes for some interesting scenes. You should see some of the pictures. The muzzle flash on that monster must have been six feet across and you cant make out a damned thing at night until you run into it or walk in front of it, I guess you can kind of hear the gears rotating the hulk. Regardless, the news transmission does the shit no justice. Believe me.

There was this period of about three days when the eye of the tornado passed directly over us. It was so calm that I didn’t know if I should have been begging to live, or thanking another person for letting me live this far. Once the tornado’s eye left us to our lonesome, we had some dirty reminders of who we were dealing with, and we cared less and less about the bystanders, caught in the cross fire.

The night of may 19th we sent in a team to secure one of the enemy outposts. The plan was to move up, take the point and drop in another couple Emplaced Machine-Guns. It was a terrible battle, and in fact we almost lost everyone in the team.

No one ever said that taking a city was a simple process, and by no means did I ever try to assume such shit. It was pissing me off, however. We just couldn’t get around this one office building. It seemed like they were appearing out of thin air. One day we had the fucking thing surrounded, and we had been slaughtering the bastards. Their bodies were all over the god damned place. Gallons of blood had been spilled on their side. We must have killed a thousand of them. They just kept coming, and eventually overwhelmed us, and pushed us back within a mile of the apartment building.

If we hadn’t taken drastic measures we wouldn’t have found out what the fuck as really going on in that building.