White Commencement Story – Take 2

I stood before my fellow specialists. Our only purpose was to remove you from yours. So much had been forfeit by us in order to get to this level and actually see something come to fruition. We were the elite; the proud; the few. I stood with my team, knowing that not all of us would be going home, and even those who do get out of this hell may not be as well off as those who choose to die.

I stood before fifteen men and women. You could tell we were hard. a couple of us had our smiles tattooed on, the rest straight faced. We had camo painted all over our bare skin, the rest covered in various levels of body armor and or weaponry. Tadpole, our elite frogman, carried the least pf any of us; no body armor, a 40 minute compact rebreather, a Glock 18C, seven individual pounds of c4, primer cord, and a tac light for his usual load-out. This mission called for him to bring in his favorite weapon… his XM-8.

Bluto was the other extreme. He had a bad experience his first time out and has since become the man to hide behind. He has yet to be hit by any ordinance, but the man prepares for every battle the same. He comes into battle wearing every possible piece of armor that will help him complete his mission possible. From the twenty pounds of armor in his vest to the special helmet he wears in order to be able to man his big .50 cal in even the worst of weather. This man carries an XM-312, the newest of new .50 cal machine guns. It weighs a scant 50 pounds, and that’s including the bipod.

From right to left, we have Tadpole, our resident frogman. This guy. He could go into no mans land, pop his head up for a couple seconds, and return… able to draw what he saw, better than anyone I ever met. One of his well known accomplishments: he took a mission, solo, that was supposed to last for 2 days, all recon. he ended up being absolutely bombed out and pinned down, for 4 days. Some really shitty intel from the previous weeks lead our logistics and operations officer to believe it would be simple, quick and simple. Matt ended up taking a fourty foot dive off a bridge, into a river and holding his breath for nearly ten minutes in order to avoid being caught at one point.

That man had come a long way since his days on the front line with me. From grenades, to early detonation the man had experienced it all. Thank god he still has all his digits.

Damn near riding on his back, Smoke, our newest recruit, transferred in from training in L.O.S. er, sorry… Logistics and Operations School, sorry, you get out here and hear all the acronyms and get used to them. Well anyways, Tim is our spy. Head of recon, the man is able to see a tank, identify its type, how many people and what kind of load out the shit is carrying, at a klick. Rumors of his escapades as an assault runner were notorious for being blown out of proportion, which really suits the man, seeing as he’s six foot four inches tall. Suffice to say that he has dropped many a fly in this part of the globe, and im sure that he will be just as effective tonight.

A close second, Evan, schooner, Dickinson, was learning the ranks of stealthdom. The man had put all the time into the tests, and passed apparently. He was out here for his first mission. Hope he doesn’t drop shit and run

Next in line is Pyro. I’ve known him bout as long as any man. We call him Pyro because of his obsession with explosives. The man has the skill and know how to be able to properly bring down any bridge or building where it stands with no more than he can carry.

Then there’s Shaun, a bit of a tough cookie to deal with off the field, but when it comes time, and he has a rifle in his hands, you might as well be standing point blank. I was witness to him putting a series of rounds into a garrison of enemies. They thought we had a machine gun up there, because of the succession. They never would have guessed where he was though. The other sniper in our squad is Harvey McMillian, some kid who has shown someone he can shoot, im still a little skeptical

Joker and mudbug are our medics, for one reason or another our lives are in their hands no less than every mission, and they always pull us through, no matter how dirty we get or how bad an injury we sustain. And we can always count on will to have a goofy story to tell afterwards.

Steven, reload, Harrison is our resupplier. Just a basic assault guy who happens to carry around the extra ammo we all might need.

A recent addition to our squad, Joshua Newman, given the sign Tazer, because we used that on him the first day we met him to get him to chill out. I don’t think he realized how chill we all are about all this, since he came in asking a million questions. Now he is riding the line with us.

Harvey, our engineer, this guy was scary, he could drop a charge, have it lit and be out in less than 2 minutes, and that’s including wiring and battery backup check.

Marvin and Missy K. these were our recon duo. They had been in training for this moment for damn near a decade, according to their records. K is rumored to have been able to remove a high ranking officers clips out of his rear pocket, and bring them back, not being known to have been gone till she was a mile from her evac. Hell of a story

Then we have the four snipers, Andre, Liko, Shaun and Will. If it weren’t for these four I doubt I would be able to say I would be here right now. They had all proven time and again that they were able to do their job. Liko and Will especially. When he would put his goggles up to his eyes, Liko could put rounds into anything down range and could even keep us all appraised of happenings. Liko was able to drop a guy who was not 4 feet away from me, I still don’t know how she saw him in that window.
Next there was

The other 6 folks were the assault boys. Their purpose: hit em and hit em hard. They just didn’t know what that meant unless directed. Dumb fucks, but don’t let that decrease their possible effectiveness in your minds, the fact that they will do anything as long as I tell them to do so, as soon as I say. Ive had two of them take a bullet for me, let alone for each other. That’s enough for introductions. Lets get to the story –

Everyone, let me have your attention.

Tonight is going to be just like every other night, save our destruction of a bridge and bunker. Mission time should be around 4 hours, Dropoff to Extraction. We will be dropped off about four klicks from the objectives at point Alpha. And will be advancing to point Charlie to control the bridge and set charges on its four supports…

Team Red one, is gonna be Tim and Matt. You two are to get down and dirty asap. Get into the river down range, at point bravo. Swim upstream to point Echo, and paint their bunker, make sure you have the objective lit up before 02:30. the bird will drop its ordinance at that time, you will have to hold the target for between 15 and 30 seconds. After your midnight delivery, return down river to the bridge and assist in holding the bridge with the rest of us.

Team Red two and three, Shaun,

We are going behind enemy lines, in order to secure and control a bridge. Me and the 5 are gonna lead that attack, secure a bridge, and send a recon unit around their flank to make sure that they are staying occupied, while our frogman team finishes up a demo of their base, one that they botched last month. We play like we are doing an all out assault while they are going buck wild making sure that we don’t get through. And when their back is turned…

We all know our roles, so stuff is just gonna have to fall into place.

Check this out. Bob and Mike were under fire, they had to get up to this mound so they could paint a wall. The two of them had been under

We laid at the battle grounds waiting to ambush them. The only unknown was when. And when they came, I died. Twice.